During the first semester of 2021-2022, the EXTREME Architecture has worked on the design for a sustainable farm on Sint Maarten for Spaceless Gardens. The students worked on the design after doing research in fields like hurricane-proof building techniques, climate design, agriculture on Sint Maarten, and so on. 
After lectures by Danicio Wyatte (client), Jay Haviser (history of SXM), Lyongo Juliana (building in the Caribbean), Martine van der Does (disaster relief), Martin Tenpierik (climate), Peter Luscuere (energy and climate), and Jaap Bosch (circularity) the students worked on their individual projects, coached by their teachers Joost Woertman, Erik Hehenkamp, Lavinia Spruit and Job Schroën for architecture and Jos Lafeber, Lorenzo Cocchi, Gilbert Koskamp and Lex van Deudekom from the Building Engineering Studio.
During the course, we have been visited by several guests, who gave us some important insights. These were Rene F. Violenus (Minister Plenipotentiary of Sint Maarten), Kelly Busby, Lyongo Juliana, Robin van der Hoeven (climate design) and Olga Ioannou (circularity).
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