EXTREME Architecture and EXTREME Technology are courses in the master track of the faculty of Architecture and the built environment of the Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands.
EXTREME deals with integral design in extreme environments. The goal of this approach is to make the students conscious of their technical and architectural design choices. 
The difference between EXTREME Architecture and EXTREME Technology is mainly the approach. In EXTREME Architecture we work in the Architectural Engineering track and start with an architectural perspective. The EXTREME Technology course is in the Building Technology track and starts from a perspective of technology, climate, structure, materials.
The assignment in EXTREME changes every few semesters as we try to be dealing with current problems in our society. Previous topics have been the design of Covid19 clinics for Medics sans Frontiers in Congo, the rebuilding of Sint Maarten after hurricane Irma, and dealing with the waste problems of the Maldives.
Both courses are coördinated by Job Schroën.