The devastation caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria created unimaginable challenges on Sint Maarten. Architecture might be able to improve the living conditions of the local community.
Fifty students of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built environment at the TU Delft were asked to think of different architectural and technical solutions to make the island more resilient to future hurricanes. After lots of literature and field research, they presented the results of this design studio, EXTREME architecture.
The results are divergent and all have their personal focus point within the assignment. Solutions which are presented are both social, technical and spatial in terms of program, budget, sustainability and daily use.
Most outcomes of the design are located on the plot of the Library of Philipsburg, which was damaged by the hurricane Irma. The different designs show different proposals for concept of sheltering. This variety is visible in the design proposals. The outcome of this design studios shows the possible way of approaching this problem.
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