This page is a selection of student works from the EXTREME Architecture course Of the TU Delft, organized by Job Schroën. This is a collection of design proposal for buildings of the Jubilee Library and Chamber of Commerce (COCI) in Philipsburgh, Sint Maarten.
All projects are tackling different themes: Hurricane, earthquake and flooring resistance, material and resource reuse and smart use, shelter functionality, climate regulation and many more.
The passing of two hurricanes left a trail of destruction on the island of St Maarten and had a devastating effect on the island’s tourism- oriented economy. Although the Sint Maarteners have worked hard to rebuild their beloved island, the process of reconstruction on the island is slow and the economy is still recovering. Even now in 2019 some of the essential institutions of the island are still lacking adequate housing.
The designs we make in this project are focussed on two of these institutions:
The St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry;
The St. Maarten National Library & Archive;
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